Early Days of the Jesuit Zambesi Mission 1880 - 1900

early-days-of-the-jesuit-zambesi-missionEarly Days of the Jesuit Zambesi Mission 1880 -1900: Accounts by John Weisskopf and Francis Richartz, edited by Edward P. Murphy, S.J., 135 pages, with 2 maps.

Weisskopf’s accounts were written for his family, friends and benefactors back in Holland to elicit interest and support for men and money for the Zambesi Mission. He gives a detailed picture of the daily life at the Depot where few people lived but from where various attempts were made to meet and negotiate with king Lebushi and Chief Moemba with a view to setting up mission stations among their people.

Francis Richartz led a a band of six Germans and one Austrian to set up a mission station at Chishawasha, near the settlement of Salisbury (Harare). With great energy and drive, the two Fathers and five Brothers set up a station with a flourishing farm.

In the account the journey up from South Africa is briefly described. A short introduction to the Shona way of life is also given. The central part of the history describes Jesuits' almost traumatic experience of the Shona Rising of 1896.