Swahili Language and Culture Intensive Course

Swahili Language_CultureSwahili Language and Culture Intensive Course, written by Teguh Ariwibowo SS, and edited by James J. Spillane SJ (Gejayan: Sanata Dharma University Press, 2015), pages 128, ISBN: 978-602-9187-89-2. 

This book is hoped to be the first step in the process of making a preliminary but intensive Swahili course for foreigners available at the St Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT). At the global level, Swahili has grown fast, and today estimates show that it is spoken by some 120 – 150 million people. In response to the rapid spread of the language over vast territories, top world institutions have adopted Swahili as a major communication channel, with leading world broadcasters having programmes in the language. Hence this course is a good stepping stone for students who want to pursue a professional career in Africa. (Adapted from the preface)